Tun Dr. Mahathir

Tun Dr. Mahathir

With due respect, the current statement by the former Premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is uncalled for in labelling, “Malays are lazy” and “Malays think nothing of taking money that is not theirs”.  It is extremely wrong to make such generalisation or accusation on all Malays just because of the few involved. I personally know many Malay acquaintances and friends who are honest and have high regards to ethical practices. I take exception over Tun Dr. Mahathir’s overgeneralised, degrading and reckless statement on my Malay brothers & sisters said Manivannan Rethinam, Chairman of Majlis Gagasan Malaysia.

Even, if there are some of these said breeds, then it is definitely again falls back to the government implemented policies of yours, during the 22 years of tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and as you have obviously admitted it was your very own failure, thus please stop making any unruly remarks on the overall Malays. Do not make outrageous generalisation that all Malays are lazy and dishonest.

It is uncalled for to make such branding of the whole community when it is in every other community you are bound to have this breed of people, lazy and dishonest. Thus, I strongly urge you to retract your statement which I deem unfair and unjustifiably hurled at the Malay community as a whole.

Manivannan Rethinam who is also the Vice Chairman of MIC National Information, added, nevertheless, it is an inevitable truth that during his tenure as the Premier, the country has reaped the utmost prosperity and has gained its prestigious rapid growth with global recognition. Unfortunately, the current statement made by the former Premier is indeed very undermining.

Solidarity is Unity. Stand Up, Speak Up and Unite as Malaysians.



Majlis Gagasan Malaysia

The following statement was published in the “TheStar” and “FreeMalaysia Today”:

  1. Dr.Mahathir lamented at the laziness of the Malays saying “If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy.”- TheStar

  1. Mahathir said, “Malays think nothing of taking money that is not theirs. I have seen it with my own eyes. They also struggle to manage their finances well or with any degree of honesty.” He added, “If you take something that does not belong to you, what you are doing in essence, is stealing.” – FreeMalaysiaToday