Malaysia’s National Challenge #1 – Bloated Civil Service

Malaysia’s National Challenge #1 – Bloated Civil Service.

RM 52 Billion increase in 13 years in terms of civil servant pay and RM 13.1 billion increase in civil servant pension. Based on the proportion of civil servants to population, we have 1 civil servant for every 19.37 people inour country (1.6 million civil servants in total) .. the Malaysian Government, clearly has the most bloated civil service in the world however still struggling to provide reliable & efficient service.

We have to either reduce our existing civil service or increase their productivity dramatically or even a mix of both options should be considered.

The costs of maintaining the civil service, at RM74 billion (2016) is not sustainable. If this is not addressed soon our future generation will suffer.

Civil Servant figure source: Second Finance Minister – YB Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani