DS Najib should have learned from the Indian Tsunami in 2008 and the Chinese Tsunami in 2013 that his intelligence report are unreliable!!! The information on the ground are distorted to paint a feel good picture by the political warlords while Pakatan Harapan reach out to the Malay heartland with Tun’s charismatic leadership.

Najib was not alone many political pundit has dismissed the potential occurance of the Malay Tsunami but on May 9, The People of Malaysia of all races joined hand  and shocked the BN lead government with a Malaysian Tsunami. The was the answer to Umno’s arrogance and Najib’s ignorance.

Umno-led BN deserves to lose this 14th general election not only because of the scandals  related 1MDB, Felda, Felcra , also due to many other added factor – dissatisfaction with the rising cost of living, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), low wages, high graduate unemployment, unaffordable affordable homes, corruptions among others, which pulled Malaysians of all races to vote the opposition.